Barney Butter

If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably noticed a few recent posts about Barney Butter. Located in Fresno, California, Barney Butter makes an all-natural almond butter with Premium California Almonds. Their smooth and crunchy almond butter is made of only four ingredients: blanched roasted almonds, organic cane sugar, palm fruit oil, and sea salt. They also offer smooth and crunchy bare almond butter that only has blanched roasted almonds and palm fruit oil as the ingredients with no sugar or salt. So not only is Barney Butter peanut free and gluten free, but it is also Non-GMO certified, Kosher, and contains no trans-fat or hydrogenated oils and half the saturated fat as peanut butter.


Barney Butter offers several different flavors: plain (smooth and crunchy), bare (smooth and crunchy), cocoa + coconut, raw + chia, honey + flax and vanilla bean + espresso. I’ve definitely enjoyed trying all the flavors, but cocoa + coconut and honey + flax are my two favorites. Almond and honey is a fantastic combination, but throw in flaxseeds and it’s tough to beat. However, the cocoa + coconut is unreal and my absolute favorite! Anything involving chocolate is definitely high on my list, but the addition of coconut sends this over the top and is why I think it’s better than any other chocolate flavored nut butter or spread on the market.

In addition to the almond butters, Barney Butter also has almond flour and blanched almonds. The uses and possibilities with Barney Butter products are endless–anywhere from baking (check out the recipe tab on their website), to an afternoon handful (or two) of almonds, to adding any flavored almond butter to food. My personal favorite is making homemade pancakes after a hard training session and topping it with whatever flavored almond butter sounds good at that time. Whether you add Barney Butter to fruit such as apples or bananas, bread, rice cakes, celery, Picky Bars, oats, pancakes, or another favorite of yours, you really cannot go wrong. To find a store near you that carries Barney Butter, click here.

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